Diffuser aromatic M100

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Diffuser Aromatics M100

The "Aromatik M100" diffuser combines modern, stylish and beautiful design, as well as easy-to-handle and efficient use.
The diffusion technology transforms essential oil or a Mixture of essential oils without the use of water in an invisible mist of pure and dry particles. The possibility of quickly changing the container with the essential oils allows you to immerse yourself in different aromatic worlds more often if you wish. A few light movements and your room will quickly fill with a new, even and beautiful scent.
The allows easy and flexible adjustment of the diffusion modes and the scent intensity using the integrated LCD display and only four buttons you to adjust the diffuser according to your preferences. You can set separately by day of the week and hourly intervals (24/7) and up to four diffuser modes for one day. The Aromatik M100 lasts up to two or three months with moderate use, using three Mono D 1.5V batteries. Forget cables, sockets and huge energy bills. Just enjoy it!

- Use for aromatization: home, office, corridors, toilets, etc.
- Great for fragrance creation.
- Ideal for disinfecting work areas against viruses in offices , shops (cash registers, entrances and exits), medical practices (waiting rooms).

  • Flavoring area: up to 100 m3
  • Size:
  • W: 105mm
  • L: 75mm
  • H: 225mm
  • Weight: 1020 g (with empty bottle)
  • Volume of the container : 100ml
  • Case material: PCT
  • Colour: white
  • Works with: 3 mono D size 1.5V batteries (not included)
  • From the 220V mains via an adapter (adapter not included)
  • Wall bracket available.
  • Contents: diffuser, empty bottle, wall mount, user manual
  • Packaging: neutral.

Attention! Before you switch on the "Aromatik M100" for the first time, be sure to read the instructions for use and the safety instructions.

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Diffuser aromatic M100
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