"Aroma Elite" combi box

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Aroma Elite Combi Box

What is the Aroma Elite combi box?

This new, practical, innovative and reusable packaging has been specially designed for the convenient and practical use of Aroma Elite products.
The compact combi box makes it easy to store the shampoo bar at home (to use as a soap dish), take it to the gym or when travelling. The Combi-Box does not take up much space and keeps the product in one piece. It's lightweight and easy to use,
safe and secure. Aluminum packaging is absolutely safe for eco-cosmetics as it does not come into contact with the product.

  • consists of ecological materials
  • has a detachable part
  • extends the useful life of the product
  • easy to clean;
  • prevents deformation during use
  • does not harm health or the environment
  • no more plastic
  • no drips and stains
  • an anti-waste, anti-dirt, anti-crisis combo box for everyone
  • only with Aroma Elite!

*Note: Color may vary from product image

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"Aroma Elite" combi box
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