Aroma Elite 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

What is this? We are very confident in our products, which is why we have decided to give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.Many friends and acquaintances have warned us not to do something like this. On the grounds that people would take advantage of that.

But we have a completely different opinion, because we see each customer as an individual or as part of the family. And everyone is known to be different.

But how does the 100% satisfaction guarantee work and which products are affected?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the products you have ordered from Aroma Elite. You can send them back within 30 days and you will get your money back. However, at least 80% of the product should still be available. The following products are covered by the 100% satisfaction guarantee: hair care, face care and body care.

Why do we offer this?

On the one hand, because we are convinced of our products and know exactly what quality they are. On the other hand, so that you as a customer can use our product without hesitation.

How do I get the 100% satisfaction guarantee?

If for any reason you are not satisfied, you are welcome to contact us in writing or by phone.

What is the benefit of the Aroma Elite 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

We always want the best for the customer and if you are not satisfied with our product, we would like to know why? Then we and you can consider how we can improve our product.

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